Adriano Zago


I’m a consultant, dealing with training and development in farms and wineries internationally.
In particular my focus is biodynamic agriculture and viticulture, having gained experience in more than 150 estates of great importance and dimensions.

I trained and supported hundreds of vintners through courses, conferences, inter-company meetings and in 2016 I founded Cambium, a community of professionals that fosters rooting growth.

Within the Cambium project I created the first International Master in biodynamic for wine, with editions that took place in Italy, France and California.

I’m an International Advisor, certified by Demeter’s International Biodynamic Federation.

I’m a ICF coach and I believe in developing the potential of individual human resources within farms and wineries, as an essential element of businesses’ economical and social sustainability.

I come from Veneto and I’ve been living in Tuscany for more than 20 years, where I cultivate a small property called Podere Mastrilli, which gives me the chance to experience first hand the methods that Cambium works with.



  • Consultancy for the introduction and management of biodynamic viticulture and agriculture, specialized in large sized farms
  • Agrononomic consultancy on vineyard management with a comprehensive approach: vineyard plantation, strategic and operational decision making, crop planning
  • Enological consultancy from harvest to bottling, strategical and operational decision making
  • Coordinating Cambium’s professionals in all consulting projects


  • Designing and planning basic, specialized trainings and the Master
  • Selection and coordination of trainers, educational set design of the courses
  • Teaching: agronomy, viticulture, enology, biodynamic agriculture and viticulture, business strategy
  • Specialized divulgation on biodynamic agriculture and viticulture with both national and international initiatives
  • Publishing of the “Biodynamic Viticulture Manual” in 2023


  • Business and Inter-company trainings on leadership development
  • Business and Individual trainings on mentoring and production strategies
  • Individual and group coaching trainings
  • Business training on specific topics of agronomy, viticulture, enology, corporate organization and identity
  • In depth trainings on mission, vision, charter of values, company biography


Biodynamic agriculture is a great opportunity for self realization and professional development, that invites those who practice it to understand general problems, to create and maintain soil fertility, promote biodiversity and achieve a superior organoleptic quality of wine and food.
Biodynamic means representing a unique land through a bottle, under an historical, scenic and cultural point of view, and it’s impossible to tell the story of a terroir when its soil is unhealthy, its air is polluted, and its people don’t feel free.
Biodynamic agriculture was born to claim the motives of complexity, employ different farming techniques, retrieve soil prosperity, render the vineyard’s environment an ecologically complex habitat.
A theme that I have at heart is the scientific approach in biodynamics: I personally trained in two prestigious universities in Europe and I cannot imagine my job outside of the technical setting of being an agronomist and enologist. It’s not Science that will confirm the effectiveness of biodynamic agriculture, but it’s through Science that we’ll better understand it and apply it.


Biodynamic viticulture

The first practical guide to applying the biodynamic farming method to the vineyard

by Adriano Zago

The first handbook dedicated to biodynamic viticulture. Packed with photographs and practical illustrations