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Our expertise in business development

Cambium brings a unique expertise to farms and wineries with an exclusive and dedicated offer:

  • Individual and group coaching trainings
  • Trainings for team management and effective communication
  • Emotional intelligence development trainings
  • Inter-company meetings

Cambium’s team builds innovative and tailor-made programs that integrate the best development tools, with the aim of increasing efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and associate loyalty within the specific framework of farms and wineries.

Cambium has accompanied many farms of different sizes through the crucial moment of a generational shift and, on the basis of this long-standing experience, it has developed specific tools to support businesses in this pivotal phase of their growth:

  • Coaching targeting different generations
  • Trainings on specific topics, especially on managerial growth and development
  • Leadership mentoring
  • Corporate identity development and support in designing long term strategic plans

Cambium’s team can help farms and wineries gain better clarity on the future, define roles, tangibly favor transition of leadership through generations.

Cambium has supported many business managers and ownerships in difficult moments, conflicts, and great context changes, like climate change, pandemics, high turn-over etc.
And offers:

  • Individual and group trainings aimed at emotional management in businesses and teams
  • Individual and group coaching with specific focus on conflict and stress management
  • Planning and managing experiential activities designed to solve conflicts and strengthen team spirit
  • Case studies around business success on specific topics

Cambium’s team supports farms and wineries in improving their business environment, promoting teams’ wellbeing, favoring an increase in individual and collective performances.

Cambium brings to farms and wineries a deep knowledge of the market and of the expertise of human resources:

  • Tools to evaluate candidates and associates: PI index, Brain profile, Talent profile
  • Onboarding of the new associates
  • Individual and team growth and development planning
  • Support in defining roles, responsibilities and organizing work
  • Measuring specific goals, individual and team performance evaluation tools

Il team di Cambium porta chiarezza e processi strutturati a supporto dell’efficacia quotidiana nelle diverse aree di attività dell’azienda agricola

Cambium brings expertise gained in international and cross-sector contexts aimed at defining farms’ and wineries’ identity and business vision. We offer:

  • Analysis and identification of the business mission, vision, values for internal and external communication
  • Building business biography aimed at developing a medium and long term strategic plan
  • Business brand positioning to differentiate from competitors and attract new clients and talents
  • Individual and group interviews and workshops aimed at defining corporate identity elements

Cambium’s team favors the process of defining corporate identity to support farms’ growth with more clarity and professionalism

Cambium has developed a unique offer of trainings addressed to ownership and management, thanks to a team with broad expertise in diverse cultures and business areas

  • Individual and team executive coaching for ownership, CEO, and management
  • Development of the essential tools for an effective leadership: delegating, feedback, motivation etc..
  • Planning and organizing exclusive meetings between ownership to share and discuss specific topics of common interest
  • Training on innovative models and leadership styles

Cambium’s team is a reliable business partner that supports ownership in facing the several everyday challenges specific to biodynamic, organic and sustainable farms and wineries


Specialised in business development


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